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farewell April 18, 2010

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I made the decision to move the blog.

CLICK HERE to visit the new site


Be Blessed, Jacki


moving April 15, 2010

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Party like a rockstar! April 9, 2010

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Welcome to my party!!

I am really excited to be a part of The Ultimate Blog Party 2010! What a great way to meet new people and find a million some new blogs to follow.

So grab a snack (mine is Tostitos Scoops and chunky salsa) and something to drink (blueberry pomegranate juice here although it will be coffee soon!) and settle for a peek into my everyday ramblings, bad grammar, and obsession with exclamation points!!!!

My name is Jacki.
I am, first and foremost a lover of Jesus. Every day that He blesses me with I am continually AMAZED at how BIG His love is for little ole me!
I started this blog last month as a way to preserve the memories of life and in hopes that I can be an inspiration to someone else. I love what I learn about myself through my writing and also through reading other people’s stories and seeing how they relate to my life. Since I began blogging, I have been motivated to be a better person and mother each and everyday. Even on the days I fail.
I am a Mommy to four beautiful children!
My oldest, a boy, is eight. He was born three days after my seventeenth birthday at a time in my life when I was so lost and looking for love in all the wrong places. When I had him I found all the love I needed and he changed my life.  He is all boy and such a real sweetheart. He lives in SC with his Dad and I miss him a whole bunch.
My second child, a girl (my mini-me), is six. When she was born it was the happiest time in my life up to that point. Her father and I were married and about to buy a home. I couldn’t wait to rock her in my glider in the living room and nurse her to her little heart’s content. Life was GOOD then. LOL. My sweet baby girl is a little princess come to life! She also lives in SC with her Dad and I miss her bunches too!
My third child, also a girl, is four. When the Lord blessed me with this little girl, I didn’t know it then, but she would become my Hope. A spiritual little girl who blesses everyone in her life.  She is a praiser and a worshiper and it is contagious. She is something else for sure and keeps me laughing and on my toes on a daily basis! She has a really good memory and never lets me forget a thing.
My fourth child, a boy, is 5 months old. He is my joy boy. With the birth of this precious baby boy a spirit of Motherhood and nurturing was renewed in me. He is such a blessing. He is a sweet boy who loves his Mommy and his big sister (the most).


Some of my favorite bloggin’ Ladies are:







I’m still finding my way in and around this blogosphere, but Lord willing, I’ll get the hang of it eventually!!

Here’s to the party and safe and happy HOPPING!

Be Blessed, Jacki

*Thanks for stopping by!*

::wishes blog design was complete::

Y’all are gonna have to stop back by and see the new design soon!!

::remembers everything happens for a reason::

; )


There are so many cool prizes to be won at this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, but my top four picks would be:
$200 Apple gift certificate from CmomGo

Human Touch Foot and Calf Massager from Still Blonde After All These Years!

$200 gift certificate for any Wall Slicks Vinyl Wall Decal from Modern Wall Graphics the Makers of Wall Slicks

$50 gift certificate to Starbucks from Janice Yurek

And if my top three picks are already chosen, I’d love any of the following (in order of preference):
US 51…. US 92…   US 104…  USC 3..  USC 35..  USC 39..  US 83..  US 77..  USC 4..   USC 5..  US 106..  US56..  US 90..  USC 47 .. USC 45..  US 41


Thankful on a Thursday – a message to remember April 8, 2010

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Check out The Outdoor Wife and link up to Thankful on a Thursday at her blog!!

1. I am thankful for Elders Linda and Chuck Rupert. They are my Care Pastors at church. And for this message I got this week.

The future of a man (or woman) is held only in the Father’s Hands! We can only learn to follow HIS leading to know what blessings He is waiting to release once we arrive at the destination point He has called us to travel. Sometimes whether we realize it or not, we are already sitting at that destination point!!!! We… must simply be willing to Wait on HIM to open HIS hands and pour out the blessings that are meant to be revealed & bestowed to us!

(Been praying for you for a very very long time!) Just about every day as a matter of fact, Have had several prophetic pictures, dreams, and prayers for & about you and those lovely Jubilee babies of yours. I felt the Lord tell me to write that to you today. We are always praying for you, and trust that you will make… the decision of obedience to God (Wisdom will tell you what to do) Safety is in the multitude of counselors. Seek after it. This will be the most mature decision you have ever made in your lifetime! Follow HIM!!!!! Father is waiting to bless you. Love you much. Elder Linda & Elder Chuck

2. and for the multitude of counselors as mentioned in the message. (You know who you are.)


LOVE April 5, 2010

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I don’t know how to tell WordPress to do the things I want it to do, so click the link for today’s post.

Be Blessed, Jacki


Easter Sunday 2010 April 4, 2010

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What a long, wonderful weekend!

Saturday morning we went to an Egg Hunt at Church.

Saturday afternoon I braved the Wal-Mart crowd and wondered “What was I thinking” the whole time we were there.

Later that afternoon we had a family get together at M’s house and it was great! The kids hunted for eggs and got some much-needed play time outside 🙂 (Not sure who got the better end of the deal there!)

This morning we went to church and then came home and got back together at M’s. Lots of food (that was fabulous!)



fried chicken



potato salad

sweet potatoes

mac n cheese



It was good times!


can’t get enough April 3, 2010

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Mommy’s sweet baby boy. I love you so much.