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Welcome! March 2, 2010

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Oh how I so don’t have a clue what I am doing!! So here is to figuring it out!! One day at a time! Which I think you will find is kind of the way things work in my life! Even though sometimes it’s really one second at a time!

((deep breath))

“Is this where I am supposed to introduce myself?? ”

Hi! I am Jacquelyn mostly known as Jacki. Welcome to my blog. I have been daring myself to start this thing and somehow I just started clicking and typing and well, here I am! I want a blog mostly because I want a place to keep it all together! The ups and downs and joys and sorrows and fears and worries and love and decisions and triumphs and tests and prayers that make up this thing I call MY LIFE!  I hope that somewhere along the way I can learn as well as inspire! So here goes nothing and if it’s better than that than I guess I can say its good!!


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