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baby boy this week March 4, 2010

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Baby Boy has learned the concept of “grasping”! How exciting!!

Going for the "two hand" grasp

Baby Boy is really liking these links!

Is he reaching for the camera? I think he is!

"C'mon Mom, just let me touch it"!!

"Okay Mom, that is enough of that bright flash"

Cue big Sister to the rescue!


This is the point where I take the camera out of my face to tell Hope to move out-of-the-way and I realize that baby boy has spit up all over himself and the Boppy for at least the fourth time since his bath. What did you say? He has spit up all over himself in EVERY picture?? Oh. Well I guess he did that when I ran to grab the camera to capture his newest milestone of grasping! I really don’t let him play in clothes on Boppy pillows covered in huge spit up spots. I promise.


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