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oh the joy! March 4, 2010

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Today is a day “off” for me! This means that I do not have to go to work! YAY! I like my job (see About Me) but I LOVE my days off!! I love being at home and having NO PRESSURE to get ready to go somewhere. Which, by-the-way, is one of the most stressful things I ever have to do.

The only thing is.. these days pass by too quickly. I need a pause button! You know? The kind that will allow me to stop the clock and have this moment last as long as I need it to!! Ha. How awesome would that be? Okay, back to reality!!

The reality is.. It is 2:40 p.m. and I have yet to shower or do anything else for that matter. Besides take care of baby boy and spend every other moment doing something that I enjoy! Whether it’s talking to my sister on the phone, for over an hour!, writing a blog, checking Twitter, checking Facebook, reading a blog, all while jamming to a song or two from my iTunes library.. Might sound lame. But this is exactly what I work SO hard for!! To be lazy or not on my days off and do whatever pleasures my fancy!! So I am not going to feel guilty that I have done nothing (yet) today! It’s great. It’s actually exactly what I wanted to do today and exactly what I had planned to do today!! I have accomplished my goal! and that always feels great!!

But really my body and my mind are finally waking up at 3 p.m. (it’s usually about this time that happens) and its time to get moving!! The warm water is calling my name and the refreshing feeling from bathing is on my mind. Hopefully this happens before baby boy wakes up from his nap ready for his next bottle.

Ready? Set? Go!!


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