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sweet obsession March 4, 2010

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I constantly think about this blog. Constantly. Yet I have no idea how to get started!! I am worried that my posts won’t be interesting or that they will read uneducated and stupid! Is that normal??

When my friend Elizabeth started her blog, I visited right away! This was the first blog I ever read!! So I began to explore and from her blog I visited this blog and I was HOOKED. Then, I read this blog. By this point I have spent hours and hours reading these blogs (because naturally I had to start at the beginning!) and I am thinking hmm? I wonder if I could do this. But the thought quickly passes and I continue (over the next week) to read these blogs and begin following more blogs and then I find my favorite!! The blog is over 2 years old and I am thinking WOW! I have A LOT to read!! Well, I read and I was HOOKED. This is my favorite blog and she inspires me to share my family and my story and this thing called life but I feel like I am not good enough. blah. This girl, she can write. She has a way with words and she is just, AMAZING. So of course now I am thinking… I will never be that good!

So Monday night I get off work and sit down at the computer to read the new blog posts from the EIGHT blogs I am now following. When I finished I started looking around for some new blogs to LOVE and that’s when  I stumbled upon this blog! And the next thing I knew.. it was four o’clock in the morning and there I sat. Starring at the screen, bawling my eyes out and in that moment, I made a decision. I was starting a blog. An hour later into the morning I had a blog started. Thanks to the  genius who thought up this site for complete computer morons like me to start a blog with a quickness!!

I have no idea how to HTML or even “grab a button”.  I have really poor grammar and I write just like I talk. In broken sentences (and run-ons too) and with lots of exclamation!! But I am passionate about this blog. I will keep posting and I am sure they will get better with time. Even if no one reads I will have accomplished my goal! To have a place to keep it all together!!

Here’s to Happy Blogging!


2 Responses to “sweet obsession”

  1. AllisonO Says:

    You can do this, friend! You hear me: there IS NO ‘not good enough’ for recording and sharing these precious moments in life. It’s not about good enough or what others think. It’s about memories and stories and family. That’s all that matters.

    O and also? I just about cried at all those nice things you said about me. Just wow.

    It has been so fun to get emails for the comments you leave as you go back through the posts, I love it! I’ll be sad when you reach the beginning, too.

    And isn’t Beth’s story beautiful? I cried the day I found her blog, too. I love this community! IT motivated me to be ebtter

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