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A weekend with the babes March 7, 2010

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The weekend here has been wonderful. I have had a little taste of the 9-5er life and I

am starting to see that maybe it wouldn’t be that bad! I got home from Friday

around 4:30 and the babes and I have just been hanging out around the house ever

since! I have accomplished some stress relief in the form of cleaning up. Getting the

downstairs (where we spend most of our time) free from clutter makes simple tasks

like tummy time, bottle time, and sit down for a minute and breathe time very

simple and stress free!

I have had plenty of time to make my honey bun (as she has asked me to call her for

today) a different meal every thirty minutes (or so it seems) and to be aware of each

cry and coo that baby boy is making. I feel like his baby days are passing so quickly

and I don’t want to miss anything! He is growing so fast and I cannot keep up!

Although, because of his size, (almost out growing his 6-9 months clothes) I forget

sometimes that he really is just a little baby. For example: I get those emails each week and last weeks email mentioned that baby boy

may be trying to stand in my lap while I am holding him. Not this baby. He still

tucks his legs froggy style and when I try to get him to stand on my lap he keeps

them that way. He also likes to be held and has recently begun to cry when I walk

into the room, wanting me to pick him up. If I sit down or walk past him without

picking him up, his pitch elevates, and it gets me every time. Oh! I just think it is so

sweet that he is expressing to me that he wants needs me. So, needless to say, Baby

Boy is being held a lot.

This leads to my recent purchases!! (yay!) I had a few extra dollars set aside from

my tax refund to use for “pleasure”. For me pleasure comes in many forms, but on

the top of the list is cool baby stuff… or stuff for Mommy that she can use to make

life with baby easier! Enter.. “I need a baby carrier.” I can give you a list of excuses

reasons why I think I need a baby carrier and some of them would be really

convincing, but the bottom line is.. I want one. Enter.. “My Beco is on the way!”

YES!! I ordered a Beco ::big smile:: I actually got it a little over 25% off the original

price and this sealed the deal. Plus, I was in the market for a stroller which I don’t

think I am going to be purchasing anymore so that saves me some money there too!

I also have five books on the way! (See future posts for details.)

The rest of the weekend has been spent doing whatever. and blogging. Surfing,

reading, writing, learning… which, by-the-way can get overwhelming and irritating.

I try, it doesn’t. I try again, it doesn’t work. I ask. No one replys.. I search for the

answer.. I find something… I try again….. o Jeez. So, I have come to this conclusion!

IT TAKES TIME!!! I have to remind myself that some (a lot) of the blogs I love have

been developing for YEARS! haha. but that’s me. I want it now. I want it now. (still

working on that!) I granted myself permission to give myself time to learn. Whew!

Thank you self. Thank you for taking off some of the pressure!

Here’s to learning.. and knowing that it takes time!

Be Blessed, Jacki


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