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Spring Fever March 11, 2010

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Not too much going on around here. Although, my beco did arrive yesterday and already I am loving it! Baby Boy seems happy too. The straps that tighten to bring baby closer, (or vise versa) are at the exact height of Baby Boy’s mouth and he chews on them. naw naw… slobber slobber slobber. yum.

We have had sunshine in big doses over the past week. It definitely helps brighten the mood a little when the sun is shining! Today Baby Boy and I even got up at 7:30. Thanks to me leaving my shade up when I went to bed. bummer. I will definitely need a nap today!

I am working on getting things together for the web designer who will be designing my blog! I absolutely cannot wait!!! It is just that I am not sure exactly what I want. I have an idea (thankfully) but nothing that I am in LOVE with! There is so much to think about!!

None of my books have arrived in the mail yet.. so I am patiently waiting to receive those.

This afternoon I am going to try to get outside for a little bit. It’s so nice out and I am sure that we could all use the Vitamin D. I am so not an outside person, but after this long winter I think that it is needed! For sure.

I checked out  some awesome recipes on this site and I think I am going to try some of them. YUM! I will get a grocery list together and maybe get dinner for Friday and a big meal for Saturday. I am sooooooooo not a cooking kind of Mama. I want to be. I try, but it isn’t working out for me! Hopefully that will change soon? I like restaurant cooking and yea… uh, I definitely don’t cook like that! Not to mention washing dishes is the worst chore EVER IN LIFE. I would seriously take 25 loads of laundry over a sink full of dishes.  So we will see how that plan goes! ha.

Also, I got a shut off notice for the water and I still haven’t paid it! (for absolutely totally no reason other than laziness) They left a note on my door yesterday.. so.. I guess I better get that done. You think??? Maybe… juuuuuust maybe.. that will be my “get outside” for the day… sounds good.

Here’s to sunshine and Spring.

Be Blessed, Jacki


4 Responses to “Spring Fever”

  1. brandy Says:

    totally agree about dishes. #1 hate in the housekeeping area… ok, maybe #2 because cleaning toilets is #1 forever and always. YUCK.

    • That’s funny! You know? I don’t HATE cleaning toilets. What I do is… spray the heck out of the whole thing with some major disinfectant/cleaner let it sit for 10 minutes or so, then come back and wipe it down with gloves on! Then rinse and wipe again. Not too bad.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Hey sis, why no shout out for me on your blog. LOL Just kidding! Your doing good!!! 🙂

  3. Hey Sis! Sooooo… if ya look to the right and scroll up just a bit you will see a link to your blog! And don’t you worry girl. I have an amazing post planned that highlights everything I love about you and your wonderful family!! (just have to get the pics to go along with the words!) LOVE YOU!!!!

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