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Good Friday April 2, 2010

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Is it Friday? Man o Man it feels like Saturday.

Indeed, it is Friday. Good Friday. What is Good Friday? I never really knew. The Friday before Easter. A day off for a lot of people… Other than that.. I’m clueless. I guess I should educate myself on this matter. (note to self.. find out about Good Friday)

So anyway.

I have been thinking about humility a lot. M does a “word of the day” each day on her facebook and one day it was humility. ha ha. I just have to laugh when I hear that word. So yeah.. that day I think that some conviction happened.. and I’m not sure if it was the Holy Spirit or myself or both.. but yeah. So I have been workin on that.

Well anyway…

Currently I am getting to know Ms. Stephanie Nielson. I have been delving into her archives (6 years worth) for a couple of weeks now.

So anyway….

In her blog, Stephanie often posts about other people. Mostly family and sometimes friends but always people who she loves and cares for. I love this idea. So, I thought, that is a wonderful act of humility. (I think)

So I am going to adopt this wonderful idea from Ms. Nielson.

And I will have wonderful “journal” of all the special people who I love and admire in my life. Yum.

Here’s to Good Things on Good Friday!

Be Blessed, Jacki

*Blog Design Update*  Carolynn says that she will be working on it Monday!! Woo HOO!!!!!  I have had one preview and things looked great! I am so excited for it to be completed. Stay tuned for more updates!


2 Responses to “Good Friday”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Beautiful picture!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Humility. We’ll learn it one way or another. I thought good Friday to represent the death of Jesus leading into His resurrection on Sunday. Now I was thinking, Jesus rose on the third day which should actually be on Monday and not Sunday.

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