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Thankful on a Thursday – a message to remember April 8, 2010

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1. I am thankful for Elders Linda and Chuck Rupert. They are my Care Pastors at church. And for this message I got this week.

The future of a man (or woman) is held only in the Father’s Hands! We can only learn to follow HIS leading to know what blessings He is waiting to release once we arrive at the destination point He has called us to travel. Sometimes whether we realize it or not, we are already sitting at that destination point!!!! We… must simply be willing to Wait on HIM to open HIS hands and pour out the blessings that are meant to be revealed & bestowed to us!

(Been praying for you for a very very long time!) Just about every day as a matter of fact, Have had several prophetic pictures, dreams, and prayers for & about you and those lovely Jubilee babies of yours. I felt the Lord tell me to write that to you today. We are always praying for you, and trust that you will make… the decision of obedience to God (Wisdom will tell you what to do) Safety is in the multitude of counselors. Seek after it. This will be the most mature decision you have ever made in your lifetime! Follow HIM!!!!! Father is waiting to bless you. Love you much. Elder Linda & Elder Chuck

2. and for the multitude of counselors as mentioned in the message. (You know who you are.)


One Response to “Thankful on a Thursday – a message to remember”

  1. Ms.Melodies Says:

    Awesome!!! :0) You are a blessed woman!

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